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Electronic Structure Theory Group

Learning from books: for students

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A classic book to understand strongly correlated electronic systems.

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A classic book to understand the perturbative theory of correlated electronic systems.

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A rare book to understand principles of creation and destruction operators.

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A celebrated book to practice rules of Feynman diagrams.

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Fundamental Journal Resources:

  1. W. Kohn and L. J. Sham: Self-Consistent Equations Including Exchange and Correlation Effects. Click here.
  2. P. Hohenberg and W. Kohn: Inhomogeneous Electron Gas. Click here.
  3. L. Hedin: New Method for Calculating the One-Particle Green's Function with Application to the Electron-Gas Problem Click here.
  4. F Aryasetiawan and O Gunnarsson: The GW method Click here.
  5. The GW-Method for Quantum Chemistry Applications: Theory and Implementation Click here.
  6. Temperature Dependence of the Energy Gap in Semiconductors. Click here.
  7. E. E. Salpeter and H. A. Bethe: A Relativistic Equation for Bound-State Problems. Click here.
  8. Michael Rohlfing and Steven G. Louie: Electron-hole excitations and optical spectra from first principles. Click here.
  9. Nicolas Mounet and Nicola Marzari: First-principles determination of the structural, vibrational and thermodynamic properties of diamond, graphite, and derivatives. Click here.

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