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Electronic Structure Theory Group

Research Facilities

1. We get the full acces to National SuperComputing Mission: Param Smriti. More information is Here.

2. We get the full acces to Czech Republic’s IT4INNOVATIONS National Supercomputing Facility with 30,000 cores. More information is Here.


3. We have full access to IIIT-Allahabad Central Computing Facilities (More details here). The HPC central and national facility (SURYA) has 16 CPU (640 cores) compute node clusters with 4 GPU (160 cores with 2x4 Nvidia Tesla-V100 having 40,960‬ CUDA core) node clusters along with 8.5TB of RAM. The HPC Facility use Parallel File System (~200TB) of DDN GRIDScaler storage at 15 GBps throughput over 100 Gbps interconnect network. The cluster is dedicated to carry out ab-initio computations.


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