Introduction to Internet of Things (IIOT : 2-1-1)


SPRING 2020-2021
Lecture: Thursday (9:00 AM-11:00 PM); Tut: Monday (11:00 AM - 1:00 PM); Lab: MOnday (5:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Lectures/ Tut and Lab evaluation to be held Online via Webex

Announcements, Assignment submission and Quiz evaluations via Google Classroom and Google Meet





Course Outline:


Introduction to IoT - Architecture, Design Principles, Sensing and Actuation , Basics of Networking, Machine-to-Machine and IoT Fundamentals - Devices, Gateway;

Elements of IoT - IoT Functional blocks, IoT Communication Modules and API;

IoT Communication Protocols- MQTT, ZigBee, Bluetooth, CoAP, UDP, TCP, Everything as a Service(XaaS), Role of Cloud; Software Components - Programming API's;

IoT Application Development - Solution Framework for Implementation of Data Acquisition, Device Integration and Device data storage;

Data Analytics for IoT - Apache Hadoop, Using Hadoop Map reduce, Apache Spark;

Fault Tolerance in IoT based Systems; IoT Security;

Challenges in Design of IoT Based Systems - Research problems related to IoT





1.      Pethuru Raj and Anupama C. Raman (CRC Press) , The Internet of Things : Enabling Technologies, Platforms and Use Cases

2.      Arshdeep Bagha and Vijay Madisetti Internet of Things : A Hands-on Approach



Grading Policy:

o   1. Weekly assessment : weekly quiz, Lab evaluation and weekly progress (50)

o   2. written examination for C2 and C3 component: End-sem (25)

o   3. Project Assignment : Final Project Evaluation (25).
The group assignments (max size - 4) will be uploaded on the website within the first week of commencement of classes



o   1. Project submission : Contact the TAs for the detailed problem statement of your project assignment and the milestones to be achieved during mid-sem and end-sem evaluation. Each group would be presenting their work in both mid-sem and end-sem and would be evaluated on the basis of the milestones assigned apriori.
If a student does not submit the assignments, his/her grade will remain as incomplete

o   2. For Project Topics and submission related instructions visit the Google Classroom page of the course





The slides provided as lectures and additional resources have been compiled from different sources. I would like to thank the authors for their slides.




Additional Resources

Lab Resources

Week 1

Introduction to IoT

[ Video Lecture : Introduction 1]

Week 2

IoT System Design

[ Video Lecture : IoT System Design 1 ]

Introducing Python

[Video Lecture : Introducing Python]

Python Libraries and Functions

Working With Raspberry PI

Week 3

IoT Design Methodology

[ Video Lecture : IoT System Design 2]

Python Codes

Python JSON

Manipulating XML Using Python

Using the HTTPLib and URLLib2 Libraries in Python

Week 4

IoT Devices - Sensors, Actuators and Microcontrollers

[ Video Lecture : IoT Devices]

Python Quick Guide

Python Libraries and Functions Modules

Working with Sensors

Raspberry Pi Pin Diagram

Week 5

Week 6

IoT Software Stack

Baseline Technologies of IoT

Week 7

Week 8

Communication Technologies used in IoT

REST Architecture

Application Layer Protocol for IoT : MQTT

Application Layer Protocol for IoT : CoAP

[ Video Lecture : MQTT Protocol ]

Networking Using Python

Week 9

Week 10

Cloud Computing for IoT

Social IoT

[ Video Lecture : Cloud Computing ]

Using ThinkSpeak : Raspberry Pi to Cloud

Matlab Visualization

Week 11

Handling Big Data

Installing Hadoop on Ubuntu

Tut : Working with Hadoop


Word count Dataset

Week 12

Software Defined Networking (SDN )

SDN for IoT

Article on SDN for IoT