Undergraduate courses

  • Engineering Physics (July-Dec, 2018): B. Tech. (Sec-3), 1st semester

  • Assessment record for ongoing Engineering Physics course

  • Probability & Statistics (Jan-Jun, 2018): B. Tech. 2nd semester (shared with Dr. Sumit Kumar Upadhyay). Course structure, problem sets, quizzes and other details can be found here.
  • Postgraduate courses

  • Biological Data Analytics/Biostatistics-2017: Dual degree M. Tech. (BME) 7th Sem; M. Tech. (BioInformatics) 1st Sem
  • Biological Data Analytics-2018: M. Tech. (BioInformatics) 1st Sem; Dual degree M. Tech. (BME) 7th Sem
  • PhD/Elective courses

  • Selected Topics in Quantum and Statistical Mechanics: course designed for PhD scholars (ODD-2017).

  • General Relativity