My main areas of interest are general relativity, field theory and black holes. Over the past few years my research has been directed towards following topics:

  • Near horizon symmetries of black holes
  • Black hole thermodynamics
  • Internal structure of black holes
  • Late time decay of perturbations in black holes
  • Effective field theories
  • Recently I have developed keen interest on stochastic systems and linear response theory.

A very useful introduction of general relativity can be found here

List of publications

My publication list can be found here

Ph.D. Supervision

Shailesh Kumar, Rahul Maurya (joint supervisor)

M. Tech. Thesis Supervision

  • Supervised: "Population models with varying carrying capacity", Vipin Tirkey; Stochastic resonance (Arvind Saroj), Noise induced transition (Raviranjan Kumar), Modelling Tumor growth (Sujeet Kumar), Modeling Epilepsy and Alzheimer (Shruti Gupta), Ananya Mishra (Heart disease)
  • Ongoing:
  • Summer Projects

  • "Heart as Self Oscillatory System", Vishal Mugetia (IIITA).
  • Summer intern (2018): "Mass inflation instability in black holes", Amit Gupta (Delhi Technological University)