My main areas of interest are general relativity, field theory and black holes. Over the past few years my research has been directed towards following topics:

  • Near horizon symmetries of black holes
  • Black hole thermodynamics
  • Internal structure of black holes
  • Late time decay of perturbations in black holes
  • Effective field theories
  • Recently I have developed keen interest on stochastic systems and linear response theory.

A very useful introduction of general relativity can be found here

List of publications

My publication list can be found here

M. Tech. Thesis Supervision

  • Supervised: "Population models with varying carrying capacity", Vipin Tirkey.
  • Ongoing: Stochastic resonance (Arvind Saroj), Noise induced transition (Raviranjan Kumar), Application of ODE in different disease models (Sujeet Kumar), Modeling Epilepsy and Alzheimer (Shruti Gupta), Ananya Mishra (Heart disease).
  • Summer Projects

  • "Heart as Self Oscillatory System", Vishal Mugetia.