13) Coinvestigator, "NiPDD: Designing an Artificial Intelligence based CMOS Sensor system for Non-Invasive Detection of Parkinson’s disease", Biomedical Informatics, ICMR.

Artificial Intelligence backed olfaction detection system will be developed for early detection of the parkinsons disease utilizing odor fingerprinting data. Low cost and non-invasive hand held device development for the same is the primary aim of this project.

12) FIST Project Implementation Team Member, "To develop an Advance RF and Microwave Testing and Measurement Laboratory " under Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure (FIST, Level-1) in Higher Educational Institutions.

This project aims to develop an advanced RF and Microwave laboratory wherein the components developed for supporting latest wireless standards like 5G/6G Cellular networks, WiFi etc. can be tested to meet the commercial standards. Dr. Pooja Mishra is leading the Implementation Team.

11) Principal Investigator, "STI Hub in ICT at IIITA Prayagraj", funded by SEED division of DST.

It aims to train the SC/ST community in ICT and extending handholding for initiating their self employment through the imparted training. During 2 year Pilot run 500 persons belonging to Prayagraj and Varanasi districts will get the benefits.

10) Director, IIITA Infocommunication Incubation Center (IIIC: a section 8 company established by IIITA Prayagraj)

(i) Project Head, Flexible Academic Program Integrated Service (FAPIS) platform development

The FAPIS is the backbone support system for implementation of NEP 2020 through FAP.

9) IIITA Team of investigators working under 'National Technical Center on Cyber Security at IITK, funded by DST. 

(i) Coinvestigator, 'Industry scale IoT based testbed' module (Dr. S. Venkatesan is the PI)

Aims of the project includes, to setup the IoT security test bed which will include smart home to critical infrastructure devices. To explore the possible vulnerabilities on the IoT devices and suggest a preventive measures, To develop a security audit framework for the IoT devices and its communication network, To develop a generic secure IoT device
communication model which includes lightweight key management, secure channel, etc. for the IoT based smart home and critical infrastructure.

(ii) Coinvestigator, 'Reliable and Privacy Preserving Data Auditing for FOG assisted Cyber Physical Systems (FOG-CPS)' (Dr. S. Maity is the PI)

We aim to design, implement, verify and test the performance of provably secure cryptographic protocols for data auditing in a FOG-CPS system. In our proposed solutions, the data auditing is to be done in a localized and distributed way by the devices present inside the CPS only. This imposes the challenge of auditing to be done by a set of semi-trusted auditors, and hence, the privacy of sensitive data used by a safety-critical CPS must be ensured against a possible compromised data auditor.

8) Principal Investigator, of the consultancy project 'Prototypes Development for Commercial Application(s) of IoT' from Reliance Jio Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (under Ph.D. for Working Professionals Programme)

The primary aim of this project is to design the prototypes for various potential applications of IoT and carrying out the performance analysis.

7) Co-Investigator of Design Innovation Center (DIC) spoke of IIT-BHU hub (Dr. Suneel Yadav is the PI)

Besides extending support to the Coordinator (PI) for running the spoke activities, in the capacity of Principal Investigator, following main projects have been undertaken with the help of UG/PG students and financial support of DIC:

(i) Development of 3D printer

(This technology has been transferred to ITI Mankapur  for commercial production)

(ii) Development of D2D protocol testbeds for Android and for IOS

(iii) Dynamic Antenna Assembly System

(iv) Development of a prototype for alternate technology for information transfer from underwater

(v) Development of Directional ultrasonic speakers

(vi) Development of an improved version of the voting machine

(vii) Encroachment monitoring using satellite imaging technology

(viii) Development of a prototype for illustrating the Mobile Edge Computing

6) Principal Investigator of the Consultancy Project received from AMIT Pvt. Ltd.

(i) Development of FINAPP: An financial application for innovative trading of crop

(ii) Development of ROJAPP: Apna Rojgar application

(iii) Development of CROPAPP: Satellite imaging-based crop monitoring application

5) Principal investigator of the consultancy Project received from EXsensor Pvt. Ltd.

(i) Designing and testing of the multi-antenna wireless sensor network node

4) Coinvestigator, of the project, "Popularizing the benefits of Information and Communication Technology ICT among the farmers and rural population", STEMM scheme of NCSTC, DST. (Dr. Vijay Chaurasiya is the PI)

It aims to undertake various innovative activities for popularizing various existing IT platforms and tools. 

3) Principal Co-Investigator of the IIITA-AVIRAL (Prof. P. Nagabhushan is the PI)

Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA) is switching to a novel academic system w.e.f. the academic sessions 2018-19; it is governed by the ‘Choice & Credit Linked Continuous Assessment and Award (CCLCAA) Ordinance’. Smooth and efficient implementation of various provisions of CCLCAA ordinance requires robust supporting software with novel functionalities.

2) Chairman, CSTCP-IIITA (2018 - 2022) then after Advisor CSTCP-IIITA

IIITA has entrusted the responsibility of developing a center for short term certification programs (CSTCP). Developing the infrastructure and needful technologies, searching the collaborators, motivating the resource persons, wide publicity for getting better registration for various courses, etc.

1) Principal Co-Investigator, "Development of backbone support software system 'HORIZON'

IIITA funded this project for ensuring smooth operations of regular PhD, Programmes for working professionals and international students, and various RD section activities.

Research Interests:
Wireless Communications, Information and Communication Technologies, Cyber Security, Digital Signal Processing.

2104, CC-1, Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA), Jhalwa, Prayagraj, U.P. Bharat 211015

Ph: +915322922236; Mobile: 9451852922
Email: np@iiita.ac.in

E-14, IIITA Prayagraj, Jhalwa, Prayagraj (UP) Bharat 211015
Home Town:
12, Shriram Colony, Nagda Jn. Distt: Ujjain (MP) 456335

"What the nation wants is pluck and scientific genius. We want great spirit, tremendous energy, and boundless enthusiasm." - Swami Vivekananda

"God only helps those who surrender themselves, for noble causes." - Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya