Prof. O.P. Vyas

Ph.D (Computer Networks) IIT Kharagpur
M.Tech (Computer Science) IIT Kharagpur
DAAD Fellow( Technical University of Kaiserslautern-Germany)
AOTS Fellow ( CICC Japan)

International Collaborations:

  1. Indo German Bilateral Cooperation Project with Faculty of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, Rostock University, Germany. (2007-2009)
  2. Ph.D. Research Collaboration with Dr. Maybin Muyeba-Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. (2009 onwards)
  3. Research Collaboration with Fraunhofer IAIS - Bonn University, Germany. (2007-2009)
  4. Research Collaboration with AG ICSY (Deptt. of Computer Science)Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. (2009-2012)
  5. Research Collaboration with University of Paderborn, Germany.
  6. Research collaboration with Norwegian university of Science and Technolgy,Norway
  7. Research collaboration with University of Messina,Italy
  8. Research collaboration with technical University, Dresden

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