Extended consultancy services to various government organizations in and around Allahabad.

NCR Allahabad

In development of eletronic clearing system under the guidelines of Reserve bank of India.

JRHU Chitrakoot

In establishment of 3000+ nodes B-Class TCP/IP network over OFC and CAT5 at the campus of university.

ADA Allahabad

In development of propoerty management system and website including hosting.

AIR Allahabad

In development and hosting of website and media archive management.

UPRTOU Allahabad

In establishment of campus LAN with Internet facility, website devlopment and hosting, development of student information system.

DSMNRU Lucknow

In finalization of project for University Management System.

Nagar Nigam Allahabad

In development and hosting of webportal for offering e-governance services.

PHQ Allahabad

In implementation of bilingual online nominal rolls of police personnels.

National Sports Academy Allahabad

In development and implementation of computerised realtime result computation and display system during iweek long South East Asian Gymnastic Championship.

National Science Congress Lucknow

In CCTV coverage and display of live proceedings of parallel sessions at Lucknow University campus.

NASI Allahabad

In Library and Archieve management.

BPCL Allahabad

In finalization of project for establishment of campus-wide industrial network.

AG Office Allahabad

In implementation of New Pension System by installing, configuring Oracle Database.

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