Home page of Tapobrata Lahiri, Ph.D.


Research Advisor, NASS, Singapore

Professor, Department of Applied Science

Dean (Academics & Research)


Biomedical Informatics Lab

Indian Institute of Information Technology

Allahabad - 211002, India

Email: tlahiri@iiita.ac.in

Telephone: +91-532-292-2254 (O)/2003 (O)

/2242 (L)/2640 (R)

Mobile: +91-9415648262




Ph.D. positions available!! Please contact immediately!!



Thrust area of research and academics

Broad area


Application of Numerical Analysis Techniques (Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Systems Modelling and Simulation, Fractal Dimensional Analysis) to improve Prediction and Automatic Expert/Diagnostic Models for Biomedical area using data/feature extracted from mainly Digital Image and Signal Processing.



Specific area

1. Machine Learning Applications in Medical Diagnostics and Bioinformatics problems

2. Development of semi-empirical method for protein structure determination


Selected latest publications (Journals)


1.      An improved protein structure evaluation using a semi-empirically derived structure property, BMC structural biology 18 (1), 16, 2018

2.      EcircPred: Sequence and secondary structural property based computational identification of exonic circular RNAs, Computational biology and chemistry 77, 28-35, 2018

3.      A new search subspace to compensate failure of cavity-based localization of ligand-binding sites, Computational biology and chemistry 68, 6-11, 2017

4.      PCV: an alignment free method for finding homologous nucleotide sequences and its application in phylogenetic study, Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 9 (2), 173-183, 2017

5.      An improved protein surface extraction method using rotating cylinder probe, Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 9 (1), 65-71, 2017