Faculty of Cyber Laws and Information Security,
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Deoghat, Jhalwa, Allahabad, UP, India

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MSCLIS at IIIT-Allahabad
Evaluation of Post Graduate Course in Cyber Laws and Information Security
 Dr. Abhishek Vaish
Assistant Professor,
Indian Institute of Information Technology,
Allahabad, India





I express my thanks for your valuable time visiting my profile. You are at the right location to know more about me.

I am working with Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad as an Assistant Professor for the past five year and before joining academics I was working with Wipro Ltd, as an Associate Consultant. Currently, the department I am working with is full of young and talented people from different research mind-set making it a true multi-disciplinary work environment.

My journey from corporate world to the full-fledged Researcher/ Mentor for the professional students has been an interesting experience and becoming more intense with the passage of time. In short, I am enjoying my work to the fullest by involving myself in various kinds of International assignments in teaching courses, reviewing scientific journal like IEEE, Springer, Emerald, etc. Scientific research (funded).

Let me take you to the short walkthrough to my research interest, this will give you some insight on researches, I am involved in

       Socio-Technical Aspects of Information Assurance in Cyber Space
       Health Care & Information Security
       Modeling & Framework Development for Cybercrime Prevention and Investigation
       Information Flow Analysis
       Risk Management

I believe in team work and very keenly be interested to collaborate in joint research activity. Some of the active collaborative arrangement, we have are :


Some of the published work in the area of interest can be seen in the publication page of my profile.


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