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           Indian Institute Of Information Technology, Allahabad (India)        

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                  Project: Quality Assurance, Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis using Intelligent Control Methodolies, TIFAC, DST (2007-2008) .
Successfully Completed:      
April 2002 - Sept. 30, 2003
Funding Agency
Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences (BRNS), Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai, India.
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Development of General Purpose Neural Network Software As Applied To Fracture Mechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Miniature Samples Test Data & Other Reactor Applications.
The objective was to develop General Purpose Neural Network Software, capable of addressing a broad spectrum of requirements ranging from Experimental data analysis to research oriented studies. The project was towards the development of fully configurable general-purpose neural Network tool, which allows the user to customize the network specifications as per the requirements. The tool vests all the liberty to the user to tune every single parameter, or to go by defaults values, thereby yielding a wide range of utilitarian effectiveness. The Generality of purpose also dictates the need of a cross-platform development and analysis environment, to make the tool fully portable. For Details:
October 1, 2003 to June 30, 2004
Funding Agency
Ministry of Chhattisgarh, Government of India.
Project Title
Chhattisgarh Information Technology Promotion System.
The objective of the project is to create a knowledge society where access to information and knowledge would be symmetric amongst all seekers and users. Every citizen must feel comfortable in accessing information through IT - directly or through public or private intermediaries. For such activities an E-Classroom is developed at Raipur & Bilaspur of Chhattisgarh State. For E-Education, several successful video-conferencing courses on different areas have been done.
July 1, 2004 to March 2005
Funding Agency
National Brain Research Center, Manesar, Gurgaon.
Project Title
Development of Methodologies for Extracting Information from the Neuro-Informatics Data.
The objective of this project is to use Independent Component Analysis (ICA) and Machine Learning methods to analyze the major Neuro-Informatics data as obtained at the National Brain Research Centre. The study of neuronal activities in normal animals and in animal models with spinal cord and cortical injuries is to be done.
Major M. Sc. Project
Project Title
Scripting for Linux System Administration and Firewalls.
Various Network Administrative Shell Scripts
Configuration of Mail, Samba, NFS and Print Servers
Linux Firewall Configuration Script
Setting-up a Linux Router
Setting-up a Linux-Network
GUI implementation with TCL / TK.