Network Security & Cryptography (NSC) Lab

Department of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.

Welcome to NSC lab!!!

Network Security & Cryptography (NSC) Lab is established with the motive of developing various techniques and algorithms to protect the network infrastructure against various attacks. Various research areas in the field of Network Security and Cryptography is identified and research is initiated to fulfill the security requirements. NSC lab is started to provide necessary infrastructure to M.Tech (Cyber Law and Information Security) students. However, NSC lab is open for all IIIT-Allahabad students to do their research in the field of Security and cryptography.

Lab is enabled with two high end servers to provide the high processing computing power to the researchers those who wish to work on cryptanlysis.

Fig. Sensitive Vs Non-Sensitive Items (Social Network)
Above figure shows the senstive and non-senstive categorization of social network items. Bolded Items given in non-senstive items are sensitive as per the Privacy Act. Further details about the figure can be seen from the paper "Analysis of Key Management Protocols for Social Networks", International Journal of Social Network Analysis and Mining, Vol.6, No.1, Article.3,2016,Springer.