Lab Members

Our research in computational biology involves functional annotation of genomes, creation of knowledge-bases, comparative genomics, study of signalling pathways, drug targets identification and lead molecule optimization for various diseases.

Lab members currently pursuing research: 

  1. Rashmi Tripathi
  2. Utkarsh Raj
  3. Saurabh Gupta
  4. Imlimaong Aier
  5. Rahul Semwal
  6. Bhushan Jain
  7. Mousami Mondal

Students successfully completed their project work:

21. Imlimaong Aier (2016)
Thesis Title:Structural Insights into Conformational Stability of both Wild-Type and Mutant-Type EZH2 Receptor

20. Manju Kumari (2016)
Thesis Title: Identification of small non-coding RNAs in maize responding to phosphate deficiency: A Genome wide Analysis

19. Himanshu Kumar (2016)
Thesis Title: Systems Biology approach to study Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, a stem cell’s disorder

18. Sunil Patel (2015)
Thesis Title: DeepInteract: Deep Neural Network based Protein-Protein Interactions prediction tool

17. Swapnil Tichkule (2015)
Thesis Title: Mathematical Modelling and Systems Biology approach for the simulation of IL-6 induced signaling pathway

16. Vandana (2015)
Thesis Title: DUSR (Distributed Ultrafast Shape Recognition): Hadoop based tool to identify similar shaped compounds

15. Yashbir Singh (2015)
Thesis Title: Functional annotation and Active site prediction of conserved Hypothetical proteins from Triticum aestivum (Bread Wheat)

14. Yashasvi Jain (2015)
Thesis Title: In silico identification of glucagon receptor antagonist for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus

13. Abhishek Singh Chauhan (2012)
Thesis Title: ADME prediction by statistical learning

12. Anubhav Saxena (2012)
Thesis Title: Annotation of human genomic sequence by combining existing gene prediction tools using hybrid approach

11. Jyoti (2012)
Thesis Title: Prediction of N-Glycosystem sites in non -glycon sequon proteins

10. Nitesh Jain (2012)
Thesis Title: Lexical analysis for the measurement of conceptual duplicity between C programs

9. Swati Patel (2012)
Thesis Title: To calculate the rupture force between biotin and streptavidin using molecular dynamics simulation

8. Himanshu Kumar (2011)
Thesis Title: Determination of protein protein Interaction through Machine Learning Approach

7. Swati Srivastava (2011)
Thesis Title: Prediction of Drug Intestinal Absorption through Machine Learning Approach

6. Renesh H. Bedre (2011)
Thesis Title: A New Information Based Numerical Representation of DNA for Detection of Gene using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Approach

5. Anju Sharma (2010)
Thesis Title: Prediction of Ligand Toxicity

4. Arun Chauhan (2010)
Thesis Title: ProtSeqFunc : a tool for automatic molecular functional annotation of protein in Eukaryotes

3. Rajnish Kumar (2010)
Thesis Title: Prediction of oral bioavailability of drugs using machine learning approach (SVM)

2. Bhumika Arora (2009)
Thesis Title: Prediction of Exon-Intron boundaries using machine learning

1. Pooja Gupta (2009)
Thesis Title: Prediction of blood-brain barrier permeation in drug database by using SVM and cheminformatics approaches