Invited Talks

'Signal Processing Requirements for IoT applications over 5G network technologiesAntenna Design and Signal Processing Techniques for 5G Networks and IoT', (ADSPNIT- 2017) MNNIT Allahabad, 27th Feb – 4th March, 2017

'Make in India: A mantra for youths that can transform India into a developed country', to be delivered in DST-INSPIRE programme at Avadesh Pratap Singh University, Reva MP Dec 5-9, 2016.

'Applications of ‘Advance Computing’ in Wireless Sensor Networks', IEEE International Conference ICACSE 2016 KNIT Sultanpur Oct 15th 2016

'An Innovative Design of WSN Node', WCSD-2016, SIET Allahabad on April 10, 2016

'A comparative study of Infrastructural and Adhoc wireless networks: From Research perspective', Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad (Gujrat), on April 18, 2015. 

'The Smart Antenna', One Week Workshop On Advances in Wireless and Optical Networks (AWON-2014), MNNIT Allahabad, June 02 - 07, 2014

‘Evolution of Communication systems: From Telephone to 4G’,MAVECOM-2013, MNNIT Allahabad, July 22-27, 2013.

‘Antenna design issues for modern systems’, WINMAD 2013, MNNIT Allahabad, July 8-13, 2013

‘The suitability analysis of SDR in various networks’, a workshop on Designing the Communication Systems using Software Defined Radio (SDR) and Labview, May 7-8, 2013, IIITA.

‘Utilizing renewable energy resources in Cellular mobile networks’, National Seminar on IT Applications in Energy Management, RGIIT, Amethi, April 15, 2013

‘The philosophical shifts in the Communication System Design’, Seminar, NRI, Bhopal, March 23, 2013

‘The antenna and RF design issues for Wireless sensor network’, WCSN-2012, Naresuan University, Phitsanulok, Thailand, Dec 20, 2012

‘The antenna design issues for low power applications’, WARD- 2012, IIIT-A, Sept 27-30, 2012

‘Principles of Stochastic Modeling and Simulation’, Indian Africa Training Program, IIITA, October 15-November 3, 2012.

‘WSN: Physical layer Design Issues’, WCSN-2011, NMDC-IIITA at Panna national park, Dec 5-9, 2011

‘Standardization of Cellular Networks’, International Seminar on Standardization of Communication Networks, IIITA, April 29, 2011

‘Information Technology: Origin and Evolution’, CSI Workshop, CTE, Udaipur, June 19, 2010.

Associate Professor, IIIT Allahabad
President, IIITA Employee Welfare Society