1) Principal Investigator of the Consultancy Project received from AMIT Pvt. Ltd.

(i) Development of CROPAPP: Satellite imaging based crop moniotoring application

(ii) Development of FINAPP: An financial application for innovative trading of crop

(iii) Development of ROJAPP:Apna Rojgar application


2) Principal investigator of the consultancy Project received from EXsensor Pvt. ltd.

(i) Designing and testing of multi-antenna wireless sensor network node


3) Co-Investigator of Design Innovation Center (DIC) spoke of IIT-BHU hub

Besides extending support to the Coordinator (PI) for running the spoke activities, in the capacity of Principal Investigator, following main projects have been undertaken with the help of UG/PG students and financial support of DIC:

(i) Development of 3D printer

(This technology has been transferred to ITI Mankapur  for commercial production)

(ii) Development of D2D protocol testbeds for Android and for IOS

(iii) Dynamic Antenna Assembly System

(iv) Development of a prototype for alternate technology for information transfer from underwater

(v) Development of Directional ultrasonic speakers

(vi) Development of an improved version of voting machine

(vii) Encroachment monitoring using satellite imaging technology

(viii) Development of a prototype for illustrating the Mobile Edge Computing


4) Principal Co-Investigator of the IIITA-AVIRAL

Indian Institute of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA) is switching to a novel academic system w.e.f. the academic sessions 2018-19; it is governed by the ‘Choice & Credit Linked Continuous Assessment and Award (CCLCAA) Ordinance’. Smooth and efficient implementation of various provisions of CCLCAA ordinance requires robust supporting software with novel functionalities.


5) Chairman, CSTCP

IIITA has entrusted the responsibility of developing a center for short term certification programmes (CSTCP). Developing the infrastructure and needful technologies, searching the collaborators, motivating the resource persons, wide publicity for getting better registration for various courses, etc.


6) Principal Investigator, of the consultancy project 'Prototypes Development for Commercial Application(s) of IoT' from Reliance Jio Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai (under PhD for Working Professionals Programme)

The primary aim of this project is to design the prototypes for various potential applications of IoT and carrying out the performance analysis.

Research Interests:

Information and Communication Technologies, Wireless Networks, Digital Signal Processing, Antenna and RF design for low power applications

Association with Premier Institutes:

I have been working at IIIT Allahabad (IIITA) since 5th Sept 2006. Initially, I joined IIITA as Lecturer, thereafter promoted to the post of Assistant Professor on 6th June 2010 and Associate Professor on 9th November 2015 through open selections. Earlier I served IET-DAVV, Indore (MP) as Lecturer during 9th Oct 2003 to 4th Sept 2006.