The Institute hosts profiles of all IIITians to ensure their presence in the cyber world. Profiles hosted on this server are listed below. Click on slideshow of all these profiles.
Profile @ IIIT Allahabad
1 Dr. Ayon Ganguly a.ganguly{at}
2 Dr. Abdullah Bin Abu Baker abdullah{at}
3 Dr. Abhishek Vaish abhishek{at}
4 Dr. Arun Kant Singh aks{at}
5 Dr. Ashutosh Mishra am{at}
6 Dr. Amit Prabhakar amit{at}
7 Dr. Amrita Chaturvedi amrita{at}
8 Dr. Anand Kumar Tiwari anand{at}
9 Dr. Anupam anupam{at}
10 Dr. Anupam anupam1{at}
11 Prof. Anurika Vaish anurika{at}
12 Dr. Amresh Kumar Sahoo asahoo{at}
13 Dr. Akhilesh Tiwari atiwari{at}
14 Dr. Bibhas Ghoshal bibhas.ghoshal{at}
15 Prof. B. R. Singh brs{at}
16 Dr. Deepak Joshi djoshi{at}
17 Prof. G. C. Nandi gcnandi{at}
18 Dr. Jagpreet Singh jagpreets{at}
19 Dr. Joy Mukherjee joymukherjee{at}
20 Prof. K. Misra kmisra{at}
21 Dr. K. P. Singh kpsingh{at}
22 Dr. Lokendra Kumar Tiwari lokendra{at}
23 Dr. Madhavendra Misra madhvendra{at}
24 Dr. Manish Kumar manish{at}
25 Dr. Manish Goswami manishgoswami{at}
26 Neha Agarwal neha.agar{at}
27 Dr. Nidhi Mishra nidhimishra{at}
28 Dr. Neetesh Purohit np{at}
29 Prof. O. P. Vyas opvyas{at}
30 Dr. Pavan Chakraborty pavan{at}
31 Dr. Pramod Kumar pkumar{at}
32 Dr. Pooja Mishra pooja{at}
33 Ms. Pooja Jain poojajain{at}
34 Dr. Pragya Singh pragyabhardwaj{at}
35 Dr. Prasanna Kumar Misra prasanna{at}
36 Dr. Pravin Kumar pravin{at}
37 Dr. Pritish Kumar Varadwaj pritish{at}
38 Dr. Rekha Verma r.verma{at}
39 Dr. Rajat Kumar Singh rajatsingh{at}
40 Dr. Rajesh Kumar rajesh.kumar{at}
41 Dr. Ranjana Vyas ranjana{at}
42 Dr. Ranjit Singh ranjitsingh{at}
43 Dr. Ratan Kumar Saha ratank.saha{at}
44 Mr. Rishi Ranjan Singh rishi{at}
45 Dr. Rahul Kala rkala{at}
46 Dr. Ratna Sanyal rsanyal{at}
47 Dr. Sintu Kumar Samanta samantasintu{at}
48 Dr. Sangeeta Singh sangeeta{at}
49 Dr. Sanjeev B. S. sanjeev{at}
50 Dr. Satyavani Guttula satyavani{at}
51 Dr. Seema Awasthi seemaa{at}
52 Dr. Shailendra Kumar shailendrak{at}
53 Dr. Shirshu Varma shirshu{at}
54 Dr. Sitangshu Bhattacharya sitangshu{at}
55 Dr. Steven James Pearce sjp{at}
56 Dr. Satish Kumar Singh sk.singh{at}
57 Dr.-Somak-Bhattacharyya somakb{at}
58 Dr. Sonali Agarwal sonali{at}
59 Soumyadev Maity soumyadev{at}
60 Srijit Bhattacharjee srijit{at}
61 Prof. Sudip Sanyal ssanyal{at}
62 Dr. Sanjai Singh ssingh{at}
63 Prof. Steven Pearce Steven{at}
64 Sudipta Das sudipta{at}
65 Dr. Sumit Kumar Upadhyay upsumit{at}
66 Mr. Suneel Yadav suneel{at}
67 Sunny Sharma sunnys{at}
68 Prof. Shekhar Verma sverma{at}
69 Prof. Tapobrata Lahiri tlahiri{at}
70 Dr. Triloki Pant tpant{at}
71 Prof. U. S. Tiwary ust{at}
72 Utkarsh Goel utkarsh{at}
73 Dr. Venkatesan S. venkat{at}
74 Dr. Vijay K. Chaurasiya vijayk{at}
75 Dr. Vijayshri Tewari vijayshri{at}
76 Vineet Tiwari vineettiwari{at}
77 Dr. Vrijendra Singh vrij{at}
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